Empower your Managers for

 Hybrid Work Success

No matter where they work, or what your hybrid model is
  Mandated attendance

Don't let ineffective hybrid managers put your business at risk

Employees don't leave companies, they leave managers

Your managers need Hybrid Training

Managers are critical to implementing hybrid work in your organisation. With the remote aspect of hybrid work, the role of managers has become more complex. Therefore, managers need training to tackle the new challenges and responsibilities that come with hybrid work.:
  People Management
  Team Culture
Companies across every industry have adopted a hybrid working model without knowing how it was going to work or what the impact would be. Now is the time for managers need to be be given the training and support to optmize hybrid work and ensure their teams are working effectively.

Maximize your managers' potential with the Hybrid Management Training Program

Performance, productivity and engagement suffer when hybrid teams are ineffective.

Our expert-led training can help your managers:
  Increase team productivity
  Improve team performance
  Strengthen team engagement 
  Develop a team culture that's in-sync with the organization's culture

A Program Tailored to Address the Challenges Faced by Hybrid Managers

CultureGene's Hybrid Management Training Program is tailored to help companies address the specific challenges faced by hybrid managers. By working with CultureGene, companies can develop their people managers and team leaders to unlock their full hybrid management potential

The program begins with in-depth conversations with internal stakeholders and decision-makers to assess the impact of ineffective hybrid work on the organization. From there, a customized learning program is created that leads to visible, measurable improvements in behavior, productivity, engagement, and performance.

Delivering Tangible Results
  • Focused on outcomes and developing productive behaviors that stick
  • We tailor our program to your unique hybrid needs
  • ​A scalable self-paced eLearning program 
  •  Video lessons, individual and team exercises followed by ongoing best practices implementation plans

Upskill your managers, increase productivity and build a consistent hybrid work culture

A Program with Measurable and Lasting Impact

Easily measure each manager's progress through the course!
The Program has the added advantages of helping leaders to build:
  A hybrid culture that is consistent across both in-office and remote work environments.
  An effective method for uniform hybrid work delivery across the company.
  Remote work best practices into the company’s hybrid model.
  A stronger connection between individuals, teams and the company's hybrid culture.

What is the Hybrid Management Training Program?

Hybrid Management Training Program gives managers the skills and knowledge they need to optimize hybrid work and become effective hybrid team leaders. 

The program is delivered through interactive video workshops (also available in-person) with follow-up manager coaching as required. With interactive lessons, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies, managers will learn how to : 
  • Design a hybrid work system that works for their team.
  • Integrate remote work best practices.
  • Adapt their management style to include remote work best practices.
  • Develop social connection, community and build social capital.
  • ​Overcome the loss face-to-face interaction.
  • ​Synchronize their team's culture with the organization's culture 

Who should invest in this program?

  • HR and L&D leaders who want to utilize a tailored training program to improve their organization's hybrid leadership skills and capabilities
  • Business leaders who are looking for proactive solutions to optimize hybrid work and build a high-performance hybrid culture.

Benefits of the Hybrid Management Training Program 

  • ​Extended Lifetime Value: The program is designed for managers to embed the learning and refer back to lessons, exercises and plans.
  • Consistent hybrid culture: Instead of hybrid subcultures forming at the team level, the program helps build a consistent hybrid culture across your organization.
  • ​Customization: Our solution allows leaders to prioritize and customize the learning experience based on the needs of the organization.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Our program leads to higher levels of engagement and better retention of information by incorporating interactive online elements, such as group coaching, virtual discussions and our community platform.
  • ​Collaboration: Our program facilitates collaboration among participants, regardless of their geographical location, through our online community and group coaching, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.
  • ​Accessible: Our program is accessible to participants from all around the world, without the limitations of geographical boundaries, providing opportunities to learn from experts and peers globally.
Support your managers with the new perspectives, knowledge, hands-on tools and practices they need to build high-performing hybrid teams.

Bretton Putter 

CEO and founder of CultureGene

At the team level, different teams are now experiencing different forms of hybrid work delivery, which means they are also experiencing different forms of hybrid culture. This has resulted in a fragmentation of team culture, with each team having its own unique culture that is unlikely to align with the overall organizational culture. 

I founded CultureGene after 15 years as the Managing Partner of a leading international executive search firm based out of London. My experience in executive search helped me realize that companies with a strong culture had a clear advantage over those that didn't.  I set up CultureGene to help organizations develop high performance cultures. I have over 10 years of experience working with a broad range of organizations, from software startups to multinational financial services firms to deliver my proprietary culture development methodology. 

I am the author of two books on company culture (Culture Decks Decoded & Own Your Culture) and have appeared on over 80 podcasts as a hybrid work culture expert.

When you know what to focus on and which levers to pull, you can optimize hybrid work and build an effective and productive hybrid culture.

Let's see how we can collaborate to place your organization, and its culture, ahead of the curve!

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Our Customer Feedback 

The CultureGene team is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their work. They took the time to understand our unique challenges and provided customized solutions that were practical and effective. 
The investment we made in the CultureGene process has put our company on the right track.  The outcome of the process is that the learning is embedded and reinforced by the system, and everyone is on the same page now.
 Working with CultureGene has been a game changer for our company. Their expertise and guidance helped us develop a strong company culture that is aligned with our values and goals. We have seen a significant improvement in employee engagement and overall team morale..

Bretton Putter Lectures & Live Podcast

Empower your hybrid managers to:

  • Improve collaboration by integrating remote work best practices to improve communication and collaboration skills.
  • Bridge the gap between remote and in-person team members and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • Optimize hybrid work by and build productive hybrid teams.
Don't let the challenges of hybrid work hold your
organization back
  • ​Find out more about how CultureGene can help you enhance your managers' skills to lead and manage a successful hybrid team?
  • Want to find out more about how CultureGene can help you up skill and fast track your management skills?

Train your hybrid Managers To Be The Best They Can Be

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